Aware that we are facing a biodiversity loss emergency that threatens the well-being of current and future generations. Given that our future depends entirely on biodiversity, climate stability and the reestablishment of the social fabric; Blue Core aims to:


Create sustainable development projects and programs, which allow the regeneration of ecosystems and the recovery of Cultural Identity, contributing to an integral development of present and future generations of the Yucatan Peninsula.


Our strategies:

Conservation for sustainability

We focus on promoting the conservation of ecosystems and their biodiversity, encouraging the direct participation of the local population in the processes of land management, in the sustainable use of resources, their protection and restoration, and the economic valuation of the environmental services they provide to society.

Sustainable culture and bioculturality

Today more than ever we must reconcile the interconnection between nature and human activities, therefore, Blue Core has developed a program of sustainable culture and bioculturality which promotes through playful techniques and experiences the knowledge and local ecological practices, the associated biological wealth such as ecosystems, species and genetic diversity, the formation of landscape features and cultural landscapes, as well as the heritage, memory and living practices of the environments.

Impact funds

Interested in strengthening human capacities for the economic and sustainable development of the Yucatan Peninsula, Blue Core works to raise and manage financial resources to detonate innovative projects with socio-environmental impact in the communities where we work.

With your input we can work together to improve our community