Volunteering In The Mayan Jungle


What Is It All About?

The volunteer program developed by Blue Core is part of the Wildlife and Environmental Education Unit (UVISEA).

UVISEA is a project that promotes the adoption of better agricultural and forestry productive practices; we seek to improve the health of the ecosystems, with reforestation programs and a program for monitoring, reception, recovery, reproduction and releasing of wildlife after rehabilitation. In addition, UVISEA implements workshops to strengthen biocultural identity and disseminate the importance of environmental services and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Is This Volunteer Program Right For Me?

Our volunteer program is designed for those who want to «learn by doing» and who also enjoy life in the midst of nature. Whether they are students looking to strengthen their professional training, or individuals seeking new life experiences.

What Will I Do In This Volunteer Program?

Where In Mexico Will I Work?

This wonderful experience will take place within a Natural Protected Area of the Yucatan Peninsula; the starting point for this expedition will be Merida, Yucatan.

The Experience

You will be 2 weeks in the middle of nature.


  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Transport from Merida to the site, internal transport and back to Merida.
  • nsurance (with basic coverage, so we recommend you to have your own insurance)
  • Guide (www.maykolgarcia.es/)


Subscribe Now

The contribution is 1500 euros and will be used to pay the expenses of the adventure and to maintain the jungle reserve, create an animal rescue center and a veterinary hospital.